N:th Wave

N:th Wave installation, 2020, ~3x3x3m, Pvc Ball, Uv-laquer, Uv-Lamp, Motor, Custom Electronics. @ Oksasenkatu 11 Gallery, Helsinki Finland

In the year 2020 we are following a long awaited natural disaster in slow motion, but its scope has surprised everyone. Social life grows ever smaller and hanging around at home is reflected in the overconsumption of the news. How many new covid cases?

The invisible risk to catch the disease is made visible by colours glowing bright in the ultraviolet light as door handles, handrails and buttons all seem lethal. In the post-Christmas time window display of the pandemic era, each new day brings new infection spread maps, and by evening one ponders if tomorrow will be any different. By it you can stop and be amazed by your own minusculity and try to understand that in order to help more you need to do less.

The installation has been shown in Oksasenkatu 11 Gallery in Helsinki, Walden Kunstaustellungen in Berlin, Projio Tampere, Finland and it will be part of LUX Helsinki 2022.

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