Lissajous Black & White

Lissajous Black & White Exhibition in Turku Kunsthalle 2019

In mathematics and physics, Lissajous curves are graphs that depict oscillation and waves and compare the frequency and intensity of two waves.

In a vacuum, energy travels as electromagnetic waves, as oscillating electric and magnetic fields. The combined, reflective and other effects of these energies mould our environment and reality, as well as our visual and auditory sensations.

In these pieces, I study the creation of surfaces and shapes that appear to be simultaneously organic and artificial in images generated using wave patterns.

Artworks are photograms, exposed directly to black and white Fomapan photographic PE paper, using a modified color CRT-tube. The cathode ray (stream of high energy electrons) is controlled with electronic sound waves, drawing the forms and patterns of the images. The ray passes through a tilted lens, creating variation in the sharpness of the images. The visible ”raster” is actually the color-separation grid inside the used CRT-tube. The photographic paper is then hand developed in large baths to enable broad black and white dynamics to each image.

All artworks are made during 2018, and are unique originals, and are impossible to reproduce because of technique used in making them. An attempt to re-expose and image with same sound, would reproduce a different image.

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    Antti Pussinen // Visual & Sound Artist » Blog Archive » Lissajous Black & White

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    Antti Pussinen // Visual & Sound Artist » Blog Archive » Lissajous Black & White

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