Audio visual installation by Antti Pussinen, Wolfgang Spahn & Dominik Eggermann, 2018, mirrors, electronics, video projectors, optics


Maailmankaikkeus is an artistic remediation of the cosmic background radiation or relic radiation, the static we know from the last century of analog television sets and radio. The starting point for the process is an effect of decaying technology; the dead pixels in video projectors which look like a starry sky, random, but clustered. When designin the automatic actors for their
performance/installation, the artists realized that the star artifacts led us towards building images and processes of the universe using light, sound and mechanisms of various kinds. This mis-en-scène uses analog electronics designed and built by the artists.

These circuits are susceptible to interference from radiating energy and thus make the relic radiation visible and audible in the noises,quirks and particularities of the composition. Sound signals are used directly to draw the visuals, video signals are used to make the sounds. This is possible because the difference between an audio and video signal is only the frequency range that
they are usually employed for. By shifting the frequency ranges of the analog signals, we can work with a direct (proportional) correspondence between the audio and video material we generate.

According to contemporary cosmology, the universe came to being because of a little asymmetry in the distribution of matter and anti-matter. The composition and libretto of the acts of the installation are governed by a generative code with an initial asymmetry written into it. This “fault” will accumulate over time creating more and more complex seemingly random structures.

The installation is seen through a large scale teleidoscope.

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