One Love

One Love Group: One Love, 2012, 30 x 30 x 30 cm, Padlocks of love, Video loop

In June 2012 We (One Love Group, Antti Pussinen & Kaija Papu) cut around 700 padlocks of love from a bridge in Tampere, Finland. We used the locks as a material to make a solid 140 Kilo cube of love that was displayed in Tampere Kunsthalle, only one week after the cutting action. also a video of the process was shown as part of the installation.

The artwork is about love. If the padlocks would somehow contain the love that the people felt when they locked their locks in the handrail of the bridge, we would have 140 kilos of solid love. What is the Half-Life of love? Can one destroy love, or is it like energy, ever changing its form?

We have both worked in public space before and with the artwork we wanted to raise questions and rethink our own methods.

The artwork got a lot of media attention in Finland and continued the discussion of ethics of art. It also Sparked discussion about legality of art and other projects in public place, and what kind of art state owned museums can show.

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