Virtual Exhibition

”Céci N’Est Pas Une Photo”

Because of the current corona virus shutdowns, here is a virtual tour of my latest exhibition in Luisa Catucci Gallery, together with Mathilde Nardone. For the sake of clarity i show here mostly my own works and the whole virtual exhibition is opening in Gallery Luisa Catucci website.

The dialog between the work of the Belgian artist Mathilde Nardone and the work of the Finnish artist Antti Pussinen, resemble more to an ancient dance, rich of contrasts and counterpoints spinning around a familiar melody. 

Even if the final result is easily mistaken with a classic photograph, both artist Antti Pussinen and Mathilde Nardone are not working with camera and lenses to create their art. Antti uses a personalized peculiar version of the ancient technique of Photogram to trap Lissajous curves onto photographic paper, and Mathilde composes her Nature Morte directly on the screen of a scanner. Antti transform the dynamic to static, while Mathilde catches the static and reveal its inner dynamic. One works in black and white, the other present the whole pompous color range of the floral world. The Finnish artist catches the unseeable frequencies waves and present them in their instantaneous forms of futuristic space design flavor, the Belgian artist picks carefully selected flowers to tell us about unknown stories out of her family history, facing themes concerning the whole humanity. In a way we could say that both artists are presenting the opposite of what at first seems: what looks like an abstraction is actually a tangible and unique shape of an existing matter, and what looks like a very recognizable form is actually a metaphysical metaphor. The contrasts are dramatic and yet harmonic, like a Tao including darkness and light in the dance of existence.  

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